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 About the Author

Melvin Cobb is a professor at Long Beach City College in Southern California where he teaches courses in  computer education and critical thinking. In addition, he also teaches at California State University Long Beach where his area of specialization is educational technology and digital literacies.


He has published several novels inspired by the true stories of heroic African monarchs who ruled the ancient kingdoms of Kush and Ethiopia.

Aside from writing and teaching, Melvin enjoys coaching high school football and has coached multiple positions at several different high schools in Southern California. 


Melvin has been married to his wife Ramona since April of 1992 and they are the proud parents of four grown children. 

The Chosen Vessel Series

Picking up after the closing events of The Queen of Kush, The Chosen Vessel Series chronicles the story of the Ethiopian chamberlain baptized by Philip as recorded in Acts 8 of the Bible. Spanning nearly 400 years, Vessel of Honor, Shadow of Redemption, Prince of Aethiopia and King of Kings relate the rich Christian history of ancient Africa by exploring the advent of that faith throughout Nubia and Ethiopia. Cobb uses his distinctive writing style to blend historical facts and biblical truths and produces memorable stories of courage, forgiveness, and redemption.


For more on the Chosen Vessel Series, visit his website at


Other Works By Melvin Cobb

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